You would be forgiven for thinking, at first glance, that I had mistakenly added the same photo twice, but alas you would be incorrect. I have noticed quite a few times in my journey through the history of nose art that there is often a repetition of subject or name. Which let me tell you can get very confusing during the research process for my blog.

The brunette bombshell above can be admired on 2 separate Boeing B-29’s, on both she is seen relaxing, quite studiously with a book along the flank of the craft, turning to look over her shoulder as if surprised by someone. As if someone just came up behind her and called out her name. The boys sure did like that pose for their ladies. Her attire is somewhat altered from the rather chaste white blouse and black skirt revealing her stripey shorties knickers of the first though. The cute candy stripe underwear remain however the busty lady is now topless and skirt-less. I am sure the loss of clothing is no bad thing for the airmen and civilians excitedly viewing the beautiful young lady.

With modern thinking images such as these can appear sexist (if you are of an overly P.C mindset) they were not just different times, it was hardly a very feminist era after all, but also times which required something pretty and captivating. Even during the war the powers that be had attempted to censor and even ban nose art and the depiction of half-naked females, though generally the brass hats turned a blind eye to such shenanigans. As documentary maker Gail Downey says “The crews were young. What else did those boys think about but girls and what good would it do to clamp down on it?”

So which do you prefer? The almost demure and ladylike version or the or the more sexually explicit version? Personally I think they are both beautiful examples of the nose art medium. And which name do you prefer? ‘Reserved’ or ‘Anytime’? It is almost as if they form part of a collection of paintings, in the first the lady in question is ‘Reserved’ for you, she’s just waiting for you, and in the second you have made her yours and she will be yours ‘Anytime’.